30 days of dining in- Day 4

Thursday, January 6, 2011

So far it's been smooth sailing! I made a meal plan and I take a few minutes every night to make sure I prep/thaw what I need for the next day and that we have something for lunch in the event we didn't have leftovers.

We were supposed to go to Buffalo Wild Wings with our friends this weekend, but I convinced them all to do a wings and beer party at our house instead. My bestie and I are making 4 different kinds of wings- regular, chipotle, parmesan garlic, and nuclear. In addition to that we're having homemade jalapeno poppers, celery and bleu cheese. I'll post more about the party and the cost vs. cost of going out to eat this weekend.

I stopped by Publix tonight, and with my coupons spent $24 and saved $22. So far, my total savings at Publix this week comes out to around $70. Combined with 4 days of eating in at an average of $5 a day x 2 people, that's $90 in our pocket!

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