Sparkly Wine Glass Tutorial!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

I wanted to make a little gift for the ladies in the office I’ve been temping to thank them for all of their help and support.  Since the office has wine on Friday afternoons, I thought a wine glass for each of them would be perfect!  I’ve been eyeballing EVERYTHING sparkly lately on Pinterest so I knew exactly what I wanted to do.

Just a note- this is NOT my original idea.  This is a compilation of several different methods, techniques, and ideas.  I just want to show you how I did mine. J

Here’s what you’ll need:

-          Wine Glasses- I got these at the Dollar Tree

-          Glitter!!  I went to Michaels and compared brands side by side, and Martha Stewart was by far the prettiest.  Choose a “fine” glitter.  This kit was $22 (on sale from $30), so a bit pricey, but you really do get a whole lot of glitter and its soooo pretty!

-          Mod Podge- This stuff is glue, sealer, and everything in between all in one.  A jar this size runs about $10, but again, it’s a lot.  I barely used any for this project.

-          Paint Brushes- I picked up a big variety pack for $4.99 at Michaels, in the canvas painting section.

Start by cleaning your glasses well.  I peeled the stickers from the bottom of mine, but it left a sticky residue.  I used goo gone to get it off, then rinsed them, and, just for good measure, wiped them down with a paper towel and rubbing alcohol.  I wanted to be sure my surface was as perfectly squeaky clean so I could get maximum glitter adhesion.

Next, prime your work surface by laying out newspaper, or some other mechanism to catch the extra glitter so you can put it back in the jar.  I would recommend a smooth paper like newspaper of magazine pages, rather than a paper-towel, as the paper towel “caught” too much of the extra glitter and prevented it from going back into the jar.

Paint the bottom / stem of each of the glasses with mod podge.  I used a wide-angled brush so I could paint the stems without getting any on the bowl part of the glass.  If you don’t have a wide angled brush, or a steady hand, painters tape would be a good thing to use where you don’t want any glue / glitter.

Now it’s time to glitter-ize!  Sprinkle the glitter liberally all over the painted part of your glass, knocking off the excess as you go.  You want as thick of a layer as possible.  After you are done, slide the extra glitter off your paper and back into the jar, then move on to the next glass. 

After your glasses are dry (I waited about an hour), you want to seal them by repainting with the mod podge again.  For this, I would recommend pouring a small amount of the glue out onto a disposable container, since you don’t want to get all kinds of glitter in your big jar of glue.  Also, keep in mind that a small amount of glitter is going to come off during this process.  I avoided transferring the colors by (a) using a small amount of new mod podge for each color of glitter, and (b) rinsing my brush between colors.

After you are done sealing just let your glasses dry and waa-laa!  Bee-utiful Sparkly wine glasses!  These are hand-washable as well (but not recommended for the dishwasher).


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