Volcanic mud mask

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

My skin looks and feels amazing right now, all thanks to my very sweet friend Ari She came to visit this weekend and brought me two gifts- a volcanic mud mask and a homemade facial toner. I finally had a chance to try the mask tonight and I am stunned! My skin looks so even and feels so refreshed!All you do is mix the powder with equal parts water and apply to your face. Ari mentioned that it might tingle somewhat when I applied it, but I didn't notice that. After about 20 minutes the mask was dry and ready to come off. Just rinse with warm water and done!

Twinkle is such a girlie girl. She stuck her paw in the jar right when I had my hands covered in the mask and couldn't stop her! It was very cute, but she didn't care for the paw washing she got after I rinsed my hands off.

Thanks again Ari!! I love the mask. :)

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